Preparing a Boat for a Marine Survey

Preparing a Boat for a Marine SurveyAfter the initial contact with the client and after consultation and defining which type of survey is required, we will send them a Work´s Order by e-mail, including our terms and conditions of business and the scope of the survey. The client should return a signed copy to us by fax or internet, before we can perform the requested survey.

In most cases you need a survey to:

  • Purchase,
  • Finance,
  • Insure a vessel (or combination of the above)
  • This type of survey is commonly called a Condition and Valuation Survey (C&V)
Other occasions a surveyor may be engaged are:
  • Repairs or refitting (writing specifications, supervision of work, check on completion).
  • To assess damage after an incident.
  • Chartering a vessel (to establish condition before and after the charter).
After a thorough inspection of your vessel, we create a detailed report as per the clients instructions on the type of survey required be it either a Pre-Purchase Survey, a Condition survey, Damage survey, Valuation survey, Insurance survey or an Under water survey.
  • It is advisable to prepare the vessel prior to the surveyor´s arrival to save any un-necessary delays and to assist in the access of all area´s to be inspected for example: lockers and storage compartments are cleared of gear to make them accessible. Ideally, the owner’s personal gear and effects, stores etc to be removed as far as is practicable. Bilges should be clean and dry and accessible as should the hulls interiorl, tanks,fittings and piping where possible.
  • Full safe access to the yacht is provided, including access to all keys etc.
  • It is preferably that all batteries are servicable and fully charged.
  • Necessary arrangements for hauling or launching the vessel have been pre-arranged with the boat yard.

Where necessary a calculation of any state tax liability, depending on the vessels location, flagging, type and its operational conditions.

For Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and Banks we offer full diagnostic expertise in our reports and as Independent experts we can provide damage reports and offer expert witness services to the Courts for and on behalf of our clients. For more details of specific surveys please click on the appropriate link in this section. We are always available to discuss your specific requirements.

Please call to discuss specific vessels and requirements.