About Us

We provide Professional advise to German, British, European and International Ship/Yacht Owners, Shipyards, Yacht Brokers, Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies, and answer any questions related to Technical or Legal queries regarding Yachting and the Maritime Industry.

Our Services Include:
Marine Surveying, Valuation, Vessel Sale/Purchase, Vessel Condition Assessment, Flag Registration, New Construction and Refit Project Management, Claims Handling, Contract Management, Conflict Management, Crew Selection and Management. We are also Independent Experts for Havarie (Ship/Yacht Damage), and provide Court Expert Witness and litigation support.

CEO: Dipl.- Ing. Siegfried Detzkeit
Background and Professional experience:
• 1979 Engineering Degree Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen
• 25 years of Management in the Marine Industry/Shipyard Management in Germany and Spain.
• Over the past 15 years as a Professional Marine Surveyor – Independent Expert for the Yachting and the Shipping Industry
• Since 2004 approved by the Maltese Minister of Finance for the evaluation of Yachts for Importation and Flag Registration.

Our Services and Products:
Surveys, Advice on your purchase (Pre Purchase Survey’s),
Underwater Investigations – Diving Investigations
Rigging Inspections
Motor Inspections and Examination
Vessel Condition Assessment (Condition Survey´s)
Sea worthiness Inspection
Surveys for preparations for overhaul and repair
Assessment of damage / insurance reports (Damage Survey’s)
Recovery and disposal of the vessel wreck
Causes of loss assesments
Level of damage assesments
Advice on repairs
Valuation report (Valuation Survey’s), for Purchase & Sale, for Insurance purposes, for Funding purposes, for Vessel (ownership) disputes
Project Management
New Projects
Build Specification Statements
Equipment Special Features
Performance descriptions
Construction and design of the hull
Interior Design
Overhaul / Refit Projects
Determination of the actual vessel state, Determination of the overhaul requirements
Costings and Scheduling
Building Inspection
Quality Testing and Acceptance of the vessel
Warranty Processing
Legal advice on Purchase/Sale
Preparation of the necessary documents
Sales Contracts/Purchasing Contracts
Bill of Sale
Memorandum of Agreement
Powers of Attorney
Transfer of Ownership, Transfer Protocols
Taxation and legal aspects
Shipping Register Affairs, Registration and Cancellation
Registration/Deletion Certificates, Transcripts of Registry
Examination of the Ownership and Encumbrances
Mortgages, Maritime Claims, Security Transfers
Import and Taxation, Taxation Optimization

Package Content:
Underwater examination of the hull, keel, rudder, shafts, bearings, propellers, zinc anodes, sea cocks, depth sounder and speedometer
Hull inspection above water
Investigation of the deck and superstructure, deck fittings and hatches
Rigging inspection on sailing boats up to 2 m above the deck
Technical review of all systems, equipment, and installations
Testing of all sanitary facilities
Assessment of all living quarters, and recreational areas.
Control of the bilges, including bulk-heads and associations (where accessible)
Sea Trial testing the drive and control systems
On Sailing Yachts tests of the functionality of the rig and Sails.
Verify the functionality of the onboard navigational equipment
Examination of the ship’s papers
Preparation of a written report of the findings (Survey Report)

The following conditions apply:
A Vessel up to 20m in length requires 1 business day to complete.
For vessels over 20 m, 2 consecutive working days are required to complete the investigations,
the underwater inspection and survey on land including the necessary sea trial.
Additional costs include the required VAT, travel and accommodation, (as and when required).

Additional tests that are required and may become necessary are calculated separately, for example:

  • A complete inspection of the rigging to the top of the mast.
  • Ultrasoundings for determining material losses in metal hulls
  • Humidity measurements for the detection of osmosis on GRP hulls
  • Compression test for the detection of wear and tear on the engines
  • Endoscopic examinations of the interior of the engines
  • Oil analysis for the determination of possible engine damage
  • Underwater / Submersible investigations of the underwater hull