How We Work

Yacht Surveying in the Maritime Business World, is not a strictly regulated profession. Yacht Surveyors pursue their profession independently and to date, there is no National or International licensing requirement for Yacht Surveyors. Marine Surveyors use many credentials, letters, and terms such as “Accredited”, “Certified”, “Qualified”, “AMS”, “CMS”, and so on; after their names and on business cards. All association terms and initials represent training and certification by private organizations, and there are many ways to train to become a Marine Surveyor including taking correspondence courses, apprenticing, or simply just using the title to open a business. So how do you recognize a professional and experienced surveyor with integrity? You can choose to walk through this minefield alone or allow our Professional Team of Independent, International experts to provide you advice based on over 35 years of experience, knowledge and know how. We use the latest technologies, have transparent costs and a commitment to provide innovative solutions to satisfy our most demanding clients needs and expectations. We also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We are also Independent Experts for Havarie (Ship/Yacht Damage), Valuation, Vessel Condition, Project Management, and provide Court Expert Witness and Litigation support.

We will provide you with a Professionally prepared report that can be accepted by your Bank and/or Insurance Company.

Feel Free to contact us, to answer any queries that you may have. Check out our Frequently asked Question and Answer page (Click Here)

We also provide additional services including: Engine surveys, Oil analysis of machinery, Compression testing for gas engines, Galvanic and Stray current corrosion testing, Ultrasonic testing, Moisture meter testing, and well as other non-destructive tests. There may be additional charges for these and other services.